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ExpoLoader clients - Forwarders


A great saving option is the ability to check which smaller containers are carrying a a given load and how much free space is available.

ExpoLoader clients - Carriers


Information about free space helps plan an added load. What is more, it can assist the person responsible for loading with choosing the way of arranging cargo.

ExpoLoader clients - Manufactures


You can choose an optimal way of loading and arranging your manufactured goods. Additionally, to avoid transporting air, it is possible to check how much load a given cargo space can accommodate.

ExpoLoader clients - Warehouse


When working with various dimensions of loads, it is worth checking how to arrange them in order to make the most of the available space. We can also explain how best to load your pallets.

Our features
Customizable container loading facility

Customizable container loading facility

You can select your preferred loading method as you wish - floor loading, pallet loading, mix loading.

Optimal arrangement of loads within the space

The program distributes loads by making utilizing the space most efficiently. The application may suggest selecting a smaller vehicle or container..

Find optimum order quantity
See how your pallet loaded

See how your pallet loaded

You can see how your pallet stack arranged and you can control your pallet stacking.

Visualize your pallet and container in 3D

View and edit the contents of your pallets or containers. This will better assist employees in understanding the packing arrangement.

Simulate your project arrangement
Manage all your shipping related data

Manage all shipping and packing data in one system

Manage all your SKU’s, pallets, containers and users in a single user friendly system

Project Completion

Edit and save your projects for later use as you see fit.

Save your project for later use
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We would also like to thank ICTA and the Spiralation Program that provided us with immense help in order to make our Expoloader idea come to life. If you are a startup looking to connect with an amazing ecosystem, we highly recommend that you visit their website for more information.
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